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HC1221W Battery for a Belkin F6C650uSER-SB UPS

Looking for an HC2112W battery, for a Belkin F6C650 UPS, or having problems fitting it when you get one?

So are we.....

Google Listing Position and duplication of web content on multiple domains

Is poor results positioning related to the consolidation of multiple (similar) domain names? Having registered camelservices.co.uk and camel-services.co.uk to stop anybody else taking them, we mapped the web sites to www.camel.co.uk so that the same pages appear on all.

But has this unexpectedly affected our Google Positioning? ...

Hard Disk Issues

Mirror Raid is not always effective

Think that you are protected from data loss caused by disk drive failure?

Not always...!

Recent Increase in (higher capacity) Hard Disk failure rate

We've noticed increasing failures...

"Inaccessible Boot Device" blue screen - 48LBA and Acronis TrueImage 8

Don't expect Acronis TrueImage 8 to check for BIOS and Windows 48Bit LBA support before copying a partition...

Motherboard Upgrade Tips

A few observations to help with trouble-free motherboard upgrades without reinstalling Windows, or repairing it.



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