[This battery has now been obtained, but read here about problems fitting it]

HC1221W Battery for a Belkin F6C650uSER-SB UPS

Looking for an HC2112W battery, for a Belkin F6C650 UPS?

Well so are we. Please tell us if you find one, or let us know how you’re getting on.

As far as we can tell, all UK web sites that mention this battery (in a Google search) lead back to mdsbattery.co.uk. Infact, ours was ordered off the  upsbattery.co.uk site (which doesn't show it out of stock, even when ordered), but the confirmation came from mdsbattery.co.uk (which does show it out of stock).

We’ve had the battery on order since January 3rd 2006 with possible availability in mid Feb. What takes that long?

We have emailed Belkin to say this seems unacceptable.

And come to that, we had to email Belkin to ask what the battery is called and where to get it as their web site seemed to give no clue; not that they actually gave a part number, just referred us to the mdsbattery web site.

All in all an unsatisfactory level of information and product availability, especially as the battery has now died completely, to the extent that the UPS won’t even deliver any regulated mains output when mains is supplied.

The mds site mentions that this is a replacement for

bulletPowersonic PS-1251FP
bulletBB Battery BP4.5-12RT

but neither of those turn up in searches either.

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