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These products are no longer developed or sold "off the shelf", but are available by arrangement to those with "historic" needs

PLOTVIEW HP-GL(/2) and Calcomp PCI (with some CCGL/951) file viewer, for MS-Windows and X-Windows
Plotfile Converters (command line based, MS Windows, Sun, HP and VAX/VMS)
CVPDXF HP-GL(/2) and Calcomp to DXF
CVP HP-GL(/2) to Calcomp
PCI2LJET Calcomp to LaserJet Bit Image
PCI2HP Calcomp to HP-GL(/2)
Calcomp Plotfile Support Virtually all 906, 907 and PCI commands are supported. 951 and CCGL commands generally convert, but not in all circumstances. Patterned lines, characters, arcs and fils etc maybe stroked, or converted to language supported equivalents if they exist.

The Calcomp Sync, EOM and checksumming settings are determined automatically. Pen widths, plot scaling and other options exist.

Further information, prices and trial conversions Please contact us for further information.


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