COM Integration and Legacy
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COM Integration and Legacy conversion examples

bulletTree Management Database and Mapping

Conversion of MS-DOS based FoxPro and Windows mapping code, as per:

Hawthorne, W.D., Filer, D. and Turnbull, D. (1999). Tree date management, mapping, and the 
development of the TREMA software. International Forestry Review 1, 87-96. 
(Due to a CTM issue (European Community Trademark), this name "Trema" is no longer in use)
bulletDigimask™ Online 3D Head Generation Integration

Integration of the 1990s Digimask "number-crunching" code as a COM object for use by ARIS/CiBER in web server for use as online conversion of user-uploaded photos, and development of a user-downloaded front-end. Also development of the client application.

bulletEurex Exchange API wraping in a COM component

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